1998 Season

The league stayed with 12 teams and a 144-game schedule. Two teams left: Kathleen’s Stallions and Andy’s Blues, while Cleveland Savages – managed by James Lance and the Ballard Old Timers – managed by Jim Acklin joined the league. The league also changed the playoff format to included 4 wild card teams and 4 division winners. Joe Kelley (Kirksville) was the All-Star game MVP, Teton won their second straight division by more than 18 games and the Pocatello Panthers ended the season with 12 straight wins. Kirksville (Mark), Loafer Mt. (Bob), and Wasatch (Bryan) joined Teton (Devan) as division winners and Provo (Ethan), 34th Street (Alan), and Washington (Craig) joined Pocatello (Kyle) as wild card teams. Teton reached the league championship series for the second year in a row, but met a feisty Loafer Mt. Lightning team which clinched the series in 6 games to give Bob his second league championship. Regular season awards went to: MVP – Mickey Mantle (Loafer Mt.), Cy Young – Bill Foster (Teton), and Most Valuable Relief Pitcher – Trevor Hoffman (Teton).