1999 Season

Once again 12 teams went head-to-head in a 144-game schedule. Each team also got to choose a different home park from a list of 12. Two teams left us: James’ Savages and Jim’s Old Timers, while West Coast Bear Cubs – managed by Bruce Lasorella and the Kitsap County K-Dets – managed by Mark Mydland joined the league. This was the first full year of posting standings and weekly league leaders on a web page. We also used our own private chat room for most of the draft. George Brett (Wasatch) was the All-Star game MVP as the Blue/Yellow All-Stars beat the Green/Red All-Stars 11-10 in 11 innings. This season three division races were decided by at least 16 games and 2 teams made it to the playoffs for the first time: West Coast (Bruce) as a wild card team and Utah (Matthew) also as a wild card team. They were joined by Missouri (Alan) and Kirksville (Mark H.). Sacramento (Ethan), Loafer Mt. (Bob), Fern Hill (Craig) and Harbor Park (Ken) won division titles. In the playoffs, the lower seeded team won 6 of 7 meetings. Wild card teams eliminated three division winners in the quarter finals and all three teams from the Green division made it to the semi-finals. Missouri and Utah faced off in the championship series, the first time two wild card teams did so. The Utah Maddogzz out lasted Missouri 4 games to 3. Utah was just 2 games above .500 for the regular season and 24 games behind their division winner, but they eliminated the #1 and #2 seeds on the way to the title in their first playoff appearance. Regular season awards went to: MVP – Jeff Bagwell (Loafer Mt.), Cy Young – Kevin Brown (Loafer Mt.), and Most Valuable Relief Pitcher – Randy Myers (West Coast).