2003 Season

The league continued with 12 teams in a head-to-head in a 144-game schedule for the 11th year of the LFBL. All teams from 2002 stayed – as no teams changed for the first time since 1997). The four divisions were divided to achieve some natural rivalries (Thompson younger brothers – original three teams of league, brothers and old friends, etc.). The Santaquin Polar Bears had the best record in the league as they maintained the best record for all but a few weeks of the season. Santaquin won their 2nd division title in their 3rd playoff appearance. Other division winners included: Harbor Park (8th Title and 8th playoff appearance), Salem (8th division title and 10th playoff appearance) and Seattle (5th Title and 9th appearance). Wild Card teams included: Dodgeville (6th appearance), Rexburg (5th playoff apperance), Sacramento (7th playoff appearance) and Fern Hill (7th playoff appearance). Ron Guidry (Seattle) and Sammy Sosa (Rexburg) shared MVP honors as the Blue/Purple All-stars defeated the Green/Red All-Stars 5-4. In the playoffs, #8 Seed Fern Hill pulled the biggest upset in the Quarter finals by sweeping out the #1 Seed Santaquin 4-0. Rexburg and Dodgeville made it 3 wild card teams to the semi-finals as they ousted Seattle and Harbor Park respectively. Salem became the only division winner to get past the quarter finals. In the semi-finals, Salem ousted Fern Hill only after 3 of 6 games were won by 1 run and one game went 12-innings and ended up 15-14, thus putting them into the finals for a third time. Dodgeville came back after down 3-1 and surviving 2 heart breaking 4-3 losses to get to the finals for their third time. While the games were close in the finals, Salem took the early 3-0 games lead and ended up winning in 5 games to become the first team to win 3 league titles, while Dodgeville became the first team to lose in the finals three times.

MVP – Barry Bonds (Dodgeville – 2nd year in a row), Cy Young – Ron Guidry (Seattle), and Most Valuable Relief Pitcher – Mike Jackson (Dodgeville), Manager of the Year – Scott Quigley (Santaquin) (Awards were voted on by 9 of 12 league managers for the first year, instead of decided by commissioner as in previous years.