2007 Season

The league expanded to 16 teams and changed to a two league (two divisions in each league format). The league also increased the number of games to 162 and the computer game running the league changed to Diamond Mind baseball, taking over for APBA Baseball for Windows – first game change in league history. In the league’s 15th season the four teams joining the league were: Mike Bowcut (Maple Valley), Brian McDonald (Pullman), Mark Jarva (Riverside – returning to the league after being absent for two years) and Cameron Garner (South Hill). The All-Star game returned and this time a series of 7-games was played. The American league won the series 6 games to 1, despite three 1-run games and an extra inning game.

When it came time to set up the playoffs, new teams garnered some success. The Maple Valley Buckeyes and the Pullman Air Bombers tied for the league’s best record with 97 wins each and won a division crown in their rookie season in the league. The Pocatello Panthers won their 4th division title and the Salem Sidewinders won their 10th division title and set up their 14th playoff appearance in the 15-year history of the league. The wild card teams included: Defending champion American Fork (their first wild card win after 11 division titles), Rexburg Cats (first playoff appearance after 4 years in the league), Riverside Rattlers (4th playoff appearance) and South Sluggers (13th playoff appearance).

In the American League division series Pullman won four straight after being down 2-0, to oust Rexburg. Their opponent in the ALCS would be Pocatello after they bested defending league champion American Fork. In the National division series Riverside upset the team with the league’s best record, Maple Valley, 4-1. Their opponent in the NLCS would be South Sound after they had no problems with long time nemesis Salem and beat them 4-1. Pullman swept Pocatello for eight straight wins to win the ALCS> the NLCS was much more dramatic as the series between Riverside and South Sound went down to 7 games. Riverside squeaked out a win in the 15th inning of game 7 to advance to the LFBL Championship series with Pullman. Riverside continued their momentum with a surprising 4-0 sweep of Pullman to win the league title for the first time, in their 3rd try in the finals. Rickey Henderson was named Championship series MVP with a .389 avg, 2 HR’s and 6 runs.

League regular season awards went to:

NL Cy Young

Hunter, Catfish

Maple Valley Buckeyes

20-10, 3.76, 5 CG, 261 innings

AL Cy Young

Mathewson, Christy

Pullman Air Bombers

22-5, 3.62, 10 CG, 130 K’s


NL MV Relief Pitcher

Gossage, Rich

South Sound Sluggers

31 saves, 5-3, 3.67


AL MV Relief Pitcher

Sutter, Bruce

Rexburg Cats

20 saves, 7-5, 2.26



Wagner, Honus

Pullman Air Bombers

.319, 112 runs, 125 RBI, 208 Hits, 46 steals



Mays, Willie

Maple Valley Buckeyes

.329, 144 runs, 144 RBI, 206 hits



Ruth, Babe
Salem Sidewinders

.305 58 HR’s, 135 Runs 133 RBI, .450 OBP


The Riverside Rattlers championship team line-up:

Catcher – Johnny Bench

1st Base – Jim Thome

2nd Base – Jeff Kent

3rd Base – Ron Santo

Shortstop – Barry Larkin

Left Field – Rickey Henderson

Center Field – Mickey Mantle

Right Field – Vladamir Guerrero

Designated Hitter – Carlos Delgado



Sandy Koufax

Fergie Jenkins

Sid Fernandez

Addie Joss

Andy Messersmith



Mariano Rivera

Bob Locker

Wilbur Cooper

Dan Plesac